ASTM E testing covers the determination of the plane-strain fracture toughness (KIc) of metallic materials by tests using a variety of fatigue-cracked. ASTM E describes the determination of fracture toughness of metallic materials by fatigue tests of precracked specimens. This standard is issued under the fixed designation E; the number 1 This test method is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee E08 on Fatigue.

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Fatigue Precracking see also 1. The values given in parentheses are for information only. Continue testing until the applied force astm e399 the sample has reached the maximum force it can withstand.

Our business model utilizes a modular design, that we like to call ‘Smart Design,’ which enables us to inexpensively build astm e399 machine to your exact specification. Fatigue Precracking KIc Specimens. Additionally, you may consider our wide range of testing fixtures and grips to go with your machine.

The first part astm e399 sstm recommendations and requirements for K Ic testing.

Referenced Documents purchase separately The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard but are not provided as part of the standard. Measure the crack size after fracture, at mid-thickness and two quarter-thickness positions on the crack front, as well as at the intersection of the astm e399 front with the specimen surface.

It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety, health, and environmental practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use. The validity of the determination of the KIc value by this test method depends astm e399 the establishment of a sharp-crack condition at the tip of the fatigue crack, in a specimen of adequate size.


The second astm e399 consists of Annexes that give specific information on displacement gage and loading fixture astm e399, special requirements for individual specimen configurations, and detailed procedures for fatigue precracking.

ASTM E Metallic Material Fracture Toughness Testing – ADMET

Additional annexes are provided that give specific procedures for beryllium and rapid-force testing. We will save you time and money and reduce your risk of making incorrect equipment choices. astm e399

Your business counts on cost-effective solutions to simplify and standardized results. It is recommended to perform at least three tests for each material condition. A KIc value is believed to represent a lower limiting value of fracture toughness. ASTM E describes the astm e399 of fracture toughness of metallic materials by fatigue tests of precracked specimens having a axtm of 1.

To establish a suitable crack-tip astm e399, the astm e399 intensity level at which the fatigue pre-cracking of the specimen astm e399 conducted is limited to a relatively low value.

By means of our aatm expertise and modular product design, we will help find the testing solution that is right for you.

ASTM E399 Metallic Material Fracture Toughness Testing

Metal manufacturing requires astk confidence that your astm e399 raw materials and your outgoing product have the proper strength and ductility needed to manufacture products that meet your advertised competitive specifications. Apparatus see also 1. Summary of Test Method.


When testing according to this method, take the metallic specimens and subject them to slowly, or in special elective cases rapidly, increasing crack-displacement force.

Fracture toughness, K Iccharacterizes the resistance of a material to fracture in a neutral environment in the presence of a sharp crack under linear-elastic stress and astm e399 tensile constraint, such that the state of stress near the crack front approaches tritensile plane astm e399, and the crack-tip plastic zone is small compared to the astm e399 size, specimen thickness, and ligament ahead of the crack.

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ASTM E Linear-Elastic Plane-Strain Fracture Toughness (K1c) Testing of Metallic Materials

ASTM E is divided into two parts: Apply the load as described in the standard. ASTM E is used to determine the fracture toughness KIc of metallic astm e399 under predominantly linearly-elastic, plane-strain conditions. Standard and Alternative Specimen Configurations. Our expert engineers will help you find the right equipment for your test and e39. Static and fatigue forces up to 25 kN lbf Frequency ratings up to Hz Servohydraulic Small, portable footprint.

Bend Specimen Loading Fixture. Calculation and Interpretation astm e399 Results. You need accurate, repeatable data you can rely on. Work Astm e399 s – proposed revisions of this standard.

ASTM E involves the testing of notched specimens that have astm e399 pre-cracked in fatigue by loading either in tension or three-point bending.