Mentor Pyxis Custom Design to Calibre Standard Interfaces. and L-Edit layout environments, providing access to Calibre nmDRC, nmLVS, xRC, xACT and PERC directly from the Tanner environment. Users can enable the Calibre RealTime toolbar through the menu, as documented in the Calibre RealTime manual. Calibre® xRC is a robust parasitic extraction tool that delivers accurate parasitic data for comprehensive and accurate post-layout analysis and simulation. calibre manual – Calibre PEX for SPICE extraction – schematic export failed- ( The syntax is documented in the calibre Verification User’s manual, part of the.

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I’ve not used Assura, but manua Hercules and calibresuch warnings are controllable using certain options. When you use this environment variable, the Calibre xRC Formatter checks for disjoint net fragments. That’s not an error, that’s a design rule check.

Calibre Interactive and Calibre RVE User’s Manual

How the Environment Variable Works. You use this for an input into the Formatter. Additionally, you can not use the same name for multiple layer statements. You create an xcell list based on the hierarchy you usee, and the Calibre xRC tool analyzes and extracts the hierarchy.

Mentor Graphics will defend or settle, at its option and expense, any action brought against you alleging that Software infringes a patent or copyright or misappropriates a trade secret in the United States, Canada, Japan, or 7.

Calibre manual –

For any Software under this Agreement licensed by Mentor Graphics from Microsoft or other licensors, Microsoft or the applicable licensor is a third party beneficiary of this Agreement with the right to enforce the obligations set forth herein.

Floating Nets and the Formatter. For example, you would set this environment variable in a C shell using the following syntax: By default, the Formatter connects shorted device pins to a calobre node name. Performing Gate-Level Parasitic Extraction — contains concepts and usage procedures for using the Calibre xRC tool for gate-level parasitic extraction.


See attachment snapshot from calibre Interactive Users manual. Netlist Creation Format netlists—Using the Calibre xRC Formatter, the tool creates a netlist from the extracted electrical models in line with your specifications.

Limiting Extraction to Selected Nets. That is supposed to be the default for xRC and xL if it isn’t specified in the rule file.

Calibre Manual

BY layerC However, using this method to connect more than two layers impacts the performance of the new resistance engine. We need to modify this netlist to a format which Eldo can understand. For the database constructor to calculate the best overall hierarchy, it must make distinctions between two types of cells; base layer cells deviceand top layer cells non-device forming.

Conductors must have connectivity. For instance, this statement would include top level net names foobar, foos, and foo1, but would not include 1foo or ffoo. All disputes arising out of or in relation to this Agreement shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of Dublin, Ireland when the laws of Ireland apply, or Wilsonville, Oregon when the laws of Oregon apply.

Waiver of terms or excuse of breach must be in writing and shall not constitute subsequent consent, waiver or excuse. Mentor Graphics Corporation All rights reserved.

The prevailing party in any legal action regarding the subject matter of this Agreement shall be entitled to recover, in addition to other relief, reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses.

Consequently, you must have generated PDBs before using the Formatter. Layout Versus Source Name Extraction. Mentor Graphics Corporation S. It recognizes the cell type based on the usser or absence of two types of layers: Therefore, you must specify any layer present in the capacitance statements in the Capacitance Order statement. Example 3-Step Calibre Tool Invocation. Order SVRF rule files are compiled before processing.


This file contains instances of the parasitic models and describes the net and any calibe or ports the net connects to. The simulation results may not be the same as that obtained from schmetatic netlist. If the distance between any two adjacent vias is greater than value, then the tool stops grouping the via pairs and begins grouping a new set of vias.

The Calibre xRC tool will not perform via grouping by number unless you specify a value for it. Layer The Layer statement defines the name of an original layer or an original layer set in terms of layer numbers or other original layer names in the rule file.

You should use this type of search if you are unsure which document contains the information you need. Setting a Limit for Via Reduction Table C-8 lists the environment variable you can use for specifying a limit for via reduction. You subsequently format the output netlist containing the parasitics with the Calibre xRC Formatter.


This Agreement remains effective until expiration or termination. My question, after that how can do the simulation and compare the simulation with the schematic sim. It also contains descriptions of the Calibre utility programs. Chapter 2 Specifying and Controlling Extraction and Netlisting. Once these indexes load, you can use either menu option. Operations are broken into the following function groups: