Cartea pierduta a vrajitoarelor. Description Cartea vietii. About Title. Cartea vietii. AuthorDeborah Cartea vietii. For Later. Cartea pierdută a vrăjitoarelor. Deborah Harkness (born ) is an American scholar, novelist and wine enthusiast, best known as a historian and as the author of the All Souls Trilogy, which. Aura’s Book Blog: Cartea pierduta a vrajitoarelor de Deborah Harkness.

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It’s at this point the book begins to derail completely. Apparently, this is just fine and dandy with Diana despite her previous proclamations of female independence and autonomy. She sends the text back to the stacks where once again, no one can find it. There is so much filler here, I’m surprised no one caught it. I shut the book when it was obvious that this was written to eventually become a low budget cable movie Lifetime?

Cartea pierdută a vrăjitoarelor by Deborah Harkness (1 star ratings)

There’s very little that actually happens in this book, and what does happen is pretty head-bangingly stupid. She is a well-regarded historian of science and medicine, [3] as well as having studied alchemy, magic and the occult. All Souls Trilogy 1. On the contrary, I’m looking for original ideas, not executed ones. The first is that the book is simply way too long. I thought this was going to be a really entertaining read, but I’m giving up.

Unfortunately, the house was the only part of the book that I didn’t feel was 1 endless, unnecessary detail or 2 lifted almost wholesale out of other works. Cross posted at This Insignificant Cinder Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.

The whole thing reads like the OCD notes of particularly dull stalker. Want to Read Currently Reading Cartra. And am I ever glad that I didn’t actually buy it. And lastly may I say, I’m really tired of how Diana takes her tea! Return to Book Page. It’s going so slow.



I’ve made it through something pages. Lists with This Book.

Because reading about taking yoga classes together, what they cook for one another, and the rare wines they share with one another really adds to the characterization and plot, peoples.

So does this book. I mean, who could resist that? I know this is a very popular book and a lot of people love it. I was mostly just irritated. Quotes Not Available Deborah Harkness has requested that her work not be excerpted or shared on Goodreads.

A Discovery of Witches show coming to US finally!! I’m really tired of books defined with these. The story tries to have Diana resist Matthew in the first pages, but its telegraphed very early these two will fall hopelessly in love. I thought I wanted to be a Tudor-Stuart historian, and found myself a historian of science. It followes the main characters through every moment of their lives, every yoga class, every glass of wine, every pointless activity to waste time.

Despite the huge discount, I hesitated, and instead checked the book out from the library. And check this, he also refuses to have sex with her for no fucking reason whatsoever. Clairmont is fairly likeable as a character, but he doesn’t have the alien feel to him that Diana keeps mentioning.

A book that deals with witches, time travel, AND the pursuit of scholastic knowledge? And why is a man smelling of cloves and cinnamon sexy? It’s all pure fluff and filler.

Unfortunately, Diana has a major chip on her shoulder about her own magic. If you’re a fan of vampire romance, you may eat this up with a spoon. Vrajitoaeelor, the good guys also do a lot of dull things. What would happen if her magic went out of vrajitooarelor View all 5 comments. Protagonist Diana Bishop, distinguished history scholar and professor just like the author! It also leads to large chunks of the middle of the book being less than compelling and entertaining.


Sarah Maas — A …more Cartea pierduta a vrajitoarelor enjoyed this a lot too so some vdajitoarelor my other favorites are: And grip the edge vranitoarelor your seat for the most bizarre yoga-scene in the history of the written word!

I won’t read the second novel and want to warn readers that this is a sappy romance novel, NOT a suspense novel. Our heroine is an athlete who is exhausted by the simplest physical effort and must, at 3 hour intervals, be “scooped up” or “swept up” pierdutx her boyfriend and tucked int I have been trying to think of another book I hated as much as this one – and am coming up blank.

The old adage of you should never judge a book by its cover comes to mind when I think about A Discovery of Witches. At young age, she showed promises to become as powerful a witch as her late mother, and she was also much smarter than the other kids her age.

I understood her goals and interests and the way that her focus on academic pursuits makes her slightly awkward and absent-minded elsewhere. Then they decide to team up and soon fall oierduta love, at which point all semblance of plot disappears and the novel turns into an endless vrajitooarelor about Diana’s newly developed Vrajitoarelr Syndrome and how she must be protected from all the other dangerous stalkers.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The ‘villains’ in this novel read about as nuanced and intelligent as Captain Planet bad guys.