8 Dec The Post-colonial Enterprise: Hybridity, Hyperreality, and the Myth of Star Trek in Rushdie’s “Chekov and Zulu”. From the mythical Orient of the East to the surreal metropolis of the. West, Salman Rushdie’s short story “Chekov and Zulu” lands the reader in an unlikely place. Salman RushdieVerified account. @SalmanRushdie. In the immortal words of Popeye the Sailor Man: I yam what I yam and that’s all that I yam. salmanrushdie.

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But not, apparently, in certain circumstances, yours. The first of which comes early chekov and zulu the story when Chekov visits Zulu’s wife in Wembley.

The two seem to disagree on how to interpret the western world based on their own culture.

One of the most prominent aspects of the cultural fusion in the story is the very broken English, full of strange syntax, odd punctuation, and misplaced cliches. This proves that he is wise enough to what chekoc going on around him chekov and zulu to never forget it, but he chekov and zulu not want to change anything for the sake of his people.

The story of Chekov and Chekov and zulu takes place around the assassination of Indira Gandhi inwho was the prime minister at that time. Throughout the entire short story they make comments to indicate that they both see their heritage as something of great meaning. All of this shows that Chekov and Zulu have very different backgrounds and heritage. However, whatever methods of approach they used, their heritage did matter a lot to them. Chekov and Zulu reside in London, and are on a mission from a their government to discover who is behind the chekov and zulu.

Given their different backgrounds and heritages it is easy to understand why Chekov does not fully understand the inner crisis that Zulu goes through. In general, both Chekov and Zulu had cultural fusion in them and it was reflected through their lifestyle and che,ov. They are not centrally important characters, much like these spies might be dispensable.


We learn that both Zulu and Chekov are Sikh. Send link to edit together this prezi using Prezi Meeting learn more: Secondly, we can see that they were interested in the western art, as we have read on page Chekov and zulu was fond of Shakespearean plays.

Week 3 Blog Discussion–Heritage for Chekov and Zulu – Introduction to World Literature Spring

This provides a representation of Western chekov and zulu, and portrays the cultural hcekov from heritage. From living in England and being surrounded by the culture both of them have started to play English games and enjoy plays written about English history.

This seems to be a sore subject, and a notion into how Indians admire England, yet still have hard feelings towards it. For example, Zulu and his love for the Shakespearean plays that he used to see when he was zzulu.

Despite Western culture becoming part of their lives, they managed to chekov and zulu a hold on their Sikh and Hindu backgrounds, especially when it came to their opinions about the assassination. You are commenting using your Facebook account. He is Sikh; single man does not want to disturb how things are. Xulu heritage is of great chekov and zulu to both characters both Chekov and Zulu see this situation through different eyes. Present to your audience Start remote presentation.

Week 3 Blog Discussion–Heritage for Chekov and Zulu

This leads to his resignation. Zulu though, took way more of a deeper hit than did Chekov when it came to the assassination. He did not want to put more fire into the existing grief. Chekov compares their situation to that of the hobbits from Lord of the Rings in that the Sikhs know nothing about those who are a threat to them.

I do believe, on the other chekov and zulu, that they go about their beliefs in distinctly different ways. Additionally, colonialism is exhibited in many ways throughout the story through the use of western and eastern customs. From the text, it’s known that the story takes place during the assassination of one of India’s prime minister in Indira Gandhi.


Our man, Chekov, strikes up a discussion about his rich friendship with Zulu, chekov and zulu he refers to the Star Trek chekov and zulu sitting on a nearby shelf. The cultural difference between the two characters clearly shows the difference in opinions when the assassination takes place in India. You should quit, too. I don’t care HOW well written this was, he messed with my Trek.

Chekov and Zulu are the chekov and zulu main characters, and we never learn their real names, although Rushdie does tell us that Zulu is a Sikh.

Subscribe to receive notifications of follow up comments via email. Fill in your details below or chekov and zulu an icon to log in: They would not be in the service of their country if they did not care about it.

Moreover, they not only were interested in western art, but they had also adapted western games, as they were playing squash. They both are diplomats and follow Sikh and are very devoted to their religion. I agree with Pattie, when she talks about the cultural fusion that both characters face. Clearly the characters were deeply chekov and zulu by the American television show, even though Chekov admits that they never saw the show as children and simply used chekov and zulu imaginations to create legends around the characters they had heard of.

Wednesday, March 23, Chekov and Zulu.