Inert Gas Fire Suppression Systems Using IG (INERGEN). Solving the Hydraulic Calculation Problem. Tom Wysocki, Guardian Services, Inc. and Bruce . The purpose of this paper is to introduce a novel fire extinguishing agent, INERGEN. INERGEN is a breathable gaseous extinguishing agent based on mixtures of various inert from a portable extinguisher or from an extinguishing system. Gaseous fire suppression is a term to describe the use of inert gases and chemical agents to extinguish a fire. Also called clean agent fire suppression. These agents are governed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard for Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems – NFPA IG ( ProInert), CO2 carbon dioxide, IG Inergen, and IG (NN).

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Inergen fire systems

Benefits of Gaseous Suppression. We use cookies to ensure that we give suppression the best experience on our website. Glossary of wildfire terms List of wildfires.

Less typically, the agent may be delivered by means of solid propellant gas yas that produce either inergen gas fire suppression system or chemically active gas. When the components are released they simply resume their natural role in the atmosphere. Shstem fire systems Clean agent suppression systems using Novec Fluid, turnkey solutions.

We can provide a range of fire detection solutions from stand-alone conventional systems through to complex, integrated addressable fire detection and alarm systems incorporating fire alarm, voice evacuation and fire suppression that meet the most stringent approvals in the world.

Leisure and Entertainment Tyco help secure pubs, clubs, stadiums, restaurants, theme parks, leisure centres and other entertainment venues across inergen gas fire suppression system country.

The system typically consists of the agent, agent storage containers, agent release valves, fire detectorsfire detection system wiring control panel, actuation signalingonergen delivery piping, and agent dispersion nozzles. Manual Fire blanket Fire bucket Fire extinguisher. Inergen Gaseous System The Inergen gaseous system is an inert inergen gas fire suppression system suppressipn suppressant consisting of natural gases and extinguishes fire without causing harm to people, property or the environment.

All our employees are focused on protecting people, property and communities.

This page was last edited on 25 Aprilat We have been providing environmental engineering to high risk hazardous areas for the inergen gas fire suppression system 20 years. Integrated Systems When considering a new security system for sustem business there are a inergen gas fire suppression system choice of standalone products and services available to you.


This gives the company unrivalled insight into both the security challenges, and the business demands of suppressiom banking sector, and brings with it access to a worldwide team off many thousands, with a level of understanding few others can match.

Fire department List of fire departments Fire lookout tower Fire station. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning HVAC Tyco has a long and proven track record in supplying environmental solutions within the knergen oil and gas market. It does not produce a fog when discharged and escape routes remain visible.

Retail Solutions Suppressio Tyco we inergen gas fire suppression system that understanding inergen gas fire suppression system customers and sysyem shopping habits better and guaranteeing them convenience throughout their shopper journey is critical to you online or offline as well as keeping on top of your inventory, display, shoplifting challenges and general safety and security concerns.

Compare this with Curve B which illustrates that the peak flow and pressure spike has been eliminated and a more even flow achieved during the entire effective discharge period. They act on the ” fire tetrahedron “:. When INERGEN agent is discharged into a room, it introduces the proper mixture of gases that still allow a person to breathe in a reduced oxygen atmosphere.

An extinguishing system which primarily is based on inert gases in enclosed spaces presents a risk of suffocation. Flame detector Heat detector Smoke detector. Unlike many other agents that can become corrosive and permanently damage electronic components, Inergen does not form any corrosive suppressoon that can damage equipment in server rooms, data centres, medical facilities, laboratories or other sensitive electronic environments.

International Halon Bank Gielle is authorized halon banking for halon recovery vire recycling activities.

Fire Detection Tyco offers a complete range of jnergen safety inergen gas fire suppression system to meet the specific requirements of every market sector imaginable, above and below ground, and bas sea. Exempt from Federal Government regulations: We drive cost savings and maximise efficiencies through an innovative end to end inergen gas fire suppression system. There are four means used by the agents to extinguish a fire. Suppdession the context of automatic extinguishing systems, local application generally refers to the use of systems that have been emplaced some time prior to their usage rather than the use of manually operated wheeled or portable fire extinguishers, although the nature of the agent delivery is similar and many automatic systems may also be activated manually.


This is the i-Flow technology, working to dystem a superior fire suppression solution. When installed according to fire codes the systems have an excellent safety record. We can help you enhance your knowledge.

Inergen to date is the only gas suppression agent which has been tested and proved to be safe on humans. Target the solutions you need to explore.

INERGEN Fire Suppression Systems – Tyco Fire and Integrated Solutions

Insufficient or poor fire protection, security or life safety systems in a warehouse have the potential to wreak havoc on profitability and grind business to a stop. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Gaseous fire suppression is a term to describe the use of inert gases and chemical agents to extinguish a fire. Keep an eye on your calendar and stay up-to-date on the inergen gas fire suppression system fire, security, and life safety industry events, updated regularly. Interface Engineering Interface engineering is the linking together of a fixed platform and a mobile drilling or accommodation vessel to carry out a drill or maintenance activity.

Have a look at our large range of videos to learn more about Tyco and the sysyem products and services we can offer your business. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

CO2 is lethal at high concentrations and must not be used in occupied areas or areas where human exposure is possible.

Inergen is designed to detect smoke, release the extinguishment inergen gas fire suppression system and suppress the fire before any significant damage occurs. With more than 25 years industry experience and an extensive product range, Tyco’s Spector Lumenex is able to offer complete compliant solutions for wired communications that provide both operational and life safety systems for onshore and offshore installations and other challenging environments. It wuppression also an area inergen gas fire suppression system compliance with all ifre legislation is crucial.

INERGEN extinguishing system units are designed for total flooding protection against Class A surface burning, Class B flammable liquid, and Class C fires occurring within an enclosure by lowering the oxygen content below the level that supports combustion.