Mullard Circuits for Audio Amplifiers wave listener and building my own one valve receiver (Radio Luxembourg on Metres and Horace Batchelor’s adverts. Mullard Tube Circuits for Audio Amplifiers – code The first notable contribution of Milliard design engineers to the specialist world of high-quality sound. TABLE 1 Classification of Mullard Circuits Power Amplifiers of General Application Power Amplifiers of Special Application Five-valve, twenty-watt circuit (”);.

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Mullard circuits for audio amplifiers by Kenneth Andersson – Issuu

The ratio of the peak-to-peak amplitudes of the l. Normally, suitable cross-over networks are recommended by the loudspeaker manufacturers, and it is usually best to adopt these recommendations. If the resistance is increased, there is a decrease in the level of feedback. The values of the smoothing resistor R17 given in the table in Fig. Like a good boy I was wearing rubber soled shoes mullard tube circuits for audio amplifiers also I remembered what my radar mechanic uncle had told me that you always work on live equipment with one hand behind your back.

Secondly, the longer the tape is under the influence of the erasing field, the more complete will be the cleaning.

Also, the pick-up stylus will require a vertical compliance comparable with its lateral compliance so that the tip of the stylus can follow the contours of the recording groove faithfully and provide balanced stimuli for the twin generators. Because of the high gain in this stage, any excessive noise will lower the quality of the output from the speaker considerably and so high-stability, cracked-carbon resistors are used for the anode and screen-grid circuits.

However, an example mullard tube circuits for audio amplifiers a two-way network having a very compact design and unusually low losses is shown in Fig. Additional external screening of the valve is not normally required. Thus, some restriction of the amplitude is desirable at these low frequencies and, to achieve this, bass signal voltages from the recording amplifier are attenuated before being recorded.


The stage is intended for direct coupling to the input grid of a cathode-coupled mullard tube circuits for audio amplifiers splitter so that the phase shift at low frequencies is minimised and the low-frequency stability of the amplifier with feedback is improved.

Furthermore, the capacitance must be low to prevent an increase in the phase shift when feedback is used. The capacitance can be minimised by careful winding of the primary coil.

Mullard Circuits for Audio Amplifiers

The low-loading form of operation is, circuitts, suitable only for use in the reproduction of speech or music and cannot be used with sine- wave input without excessive distortion resulting. Any change from the recommendations can alter the performance considerably.

Because ampllifiers the low values of current and voltage and the favourable effect of these on mullard tube circuits for audio amplifiers grid current, starvation conditions are useful in high input-impedance voltage amplifiers. All pre-amplifiers, because they provide the inputs to the power amplifiers, must be designed to send as little hum and noise as possible into the main amplifier. If the anode voltage of the EF86 is too circutis, the bias on the phase splitter will be too low and grid current distortion, resulting from overdrive on peak signals, will occur.

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If simplicity and economy are the governing considerations, a reserve of about 3W can, if the amplifier is carefully designed, give a generally acceptable standard of performance. Consequently, the standing dissipation in this stage is reduced from 1 1W at each anode with normal loading to 7.

The polarity of Mullard germanium diodes is decided by the outer markings: Eighteen chapters cover the “iconic” amps everyone knows and loves, with schematics and layouts for each, along with the mullard tube circuits for audio amplifiers history of the product.

The amplifier was never constructed and the cabinet still sits under my father’s bench in his garage. Maximum output power and the corresponding distortion vary appreciably with the value of load impedance.

An intelligent use of these sections, coupled with references to circuit diagrams, should produce excellent results. Welcome to Hificollective, to create an account please register here. The amplitudes of these signals are equal, and the resulting difference wavefonn, expressed as a percentage of the test signal amplitudes, gives the beat-note distortion.


If the amplitude of the a. The HT current consumption is smaller when the audoi stage is adjusted for low loading. Spiral bound, figures. Phase Shift Frequency response, loop-gain and phase-shift characteristics The mullard tube circuits for audio amplifiers shift in the amplifier is low.

Every project uses easy to find parts. For example, a tape made of a magnetic material of high coercivity is difficult to demagnetise, and if one is used, then the demagnetisation losses at high frequencies will be less than if a low-coercivity tape is used.

For anode-to-anode load impedances below 7kD, either a shared, bypassed cathode resistor or separate bypassed cathode resistors can be used. The four-page article I am offering here is quite different from the one in MTCAA, but either will get you on yr way to building this unit.

Mullard Tube Circuits for Audio Amplifiers – code 2005

The Ultimate Tone, Volume 2 by Kevin O’Connor The achievement of great, live sound is the premise used to explore modern high-gain guitar pre-amps, proper treatment of acoustic instruments, tube vocal PAs; dynamic bass gear, all types of tube, semi, hybrid and alternative power amplifier design, power supply mods mullard tube circuits for audio amplifiers are “toneful”, simple switching methods, speaker cabinet design, getting the most from effects loops and chains, and, modular stage monitoring systems that work!

The frequency response auddio the amplifier is the same for either method of loading, although the stability is improved with distributed loading because the lower level of distortion is obtained with reduced loop gain. Mulpard ‘ Haddon K.