This tutorial demonstrates how to use Descriptive programming in your QTP scripts & its two type viz. Static and Dynamic. QTO UFT Descriptive programming (DP) is using by create descriptive object or Using set of properties and values directly in the statement. In simple words, Descriptive Programming is the type of programming where .. Pingback: QTP Tutorial 9: Descriptive Programming in QTP – The Complete.

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If you have 2 username boxes one below the other in mercury demo app, they can be written as —.

Appreciate the effort involved. Anonymous on June 17, at Anonymous on Qtp descriptive programming tutorial 23, at For the error, can you provide the exact error message that you got? Anantha on May 26, at In most of the pages i need to check this functionality.

I wrote a descriptiev to check whether the link exist or not. Anonymous on September 11, at I have a question about the following: Thanks for pointing out. Using DP for all qtp descriptive programming tutorial will slow down the script.

A Complete Guide to Descriptive Programming in QTP (UFT)

Nagaraj on February 9, at With the help of images, its very easy to understand…. Thankyou so much for your nice explanation,can you please explain loops and conditional statement.


It will be good for maintenance of your scripts as well. DP on September 7, at Dedcriptive Ankur, I have seen your posts on this blog and they are very helpful. And how does it help full in real time Reply.

This same error is repeated throughout your code, for other objects also. It descriptige showing the frame in Active Screen but it is completely blank. Cannot find the “Agent Name: However, I get stuck when the spy does not recognise qtp descriptive programming tutorial object on a window or in a frame. Cloud Computing Photoshop Digital Marketing. Sushma on November 20, at Now since your app is wab based you will have to create your own user defined custom function to do the job.

This is in the comments, qtp descriptive programming tutorial it? Yash on August 21, at Then again you need to open if it is not open.

Ankur Jain on December 29, at Hi Anish, I still recieve the similar error, and one more think i observed is when I tried to spy on Web Element for “html id” value is blank.

Descriptibe two questions i hope you have answer. QTP does it so that it can find the properties associated with the object from the Object Repository. Click What will be qtp descriptive programming tutorial DP Code for this? Rohan on November 4, at Thanks, Ramesh Sharma Reply. In such qtp descriptive programming tutorial case, you may use Descriptive Programming approach. Raji on September 15, at Hi Ankur, Your blog regarding descriptive programming is very good and given me a good picture abt DP.


Descriptive Programming in QTP and Database Connection in QTP – Tutorial #25

Combining the above 3 objects, the complete statement can be written as —. Sample Script to launch application: Select “Address” PbWindow “pbname: HI, plz send some of the challenges u faced in web application and how to find qtp descriptive programming tutorial hidden botton while scrolling in descriptive.

If you are not subscribed to our free email newsletter, please do it now by clicking here. Please note that the words Descriptive Programming and Programmatic Description can be used interchangeably.