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23 Sep This tutorial demonstrates how to use Descriptive programming in your QTP scripts & its two type viz. Static and Dynamic. QTO UFT Descriptive programming (DP) is using by create descriptive object or Using set of properties and values directly in the statement. This article covers the basics of Descriptive Programming in QTP with the main So when you run the above code, QTP will try to find out the object properties . article with pictorial representation which i never seen any other tutorial sites.

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Hi Ankur, You r really helping so much for who wants learn more in qtp and thank you very much Reply.

Now the objects property is changing frequently, SO i have to update the property of the same object in all test cases. I am just not wondering to have to put all objects in the repository.

A Complete Guide to Descriptive Programming in QTP (UFT)

Anonymous on September 7, at Can any one help me with this below line of code. Sundar on October 24, at Actually the Child object type is not known.

Imran minacs on March 31, at Well, the answer to this query also lies within the Object Repository. ChildObjects Will return all child objects for this page. Ashok Kumar Sahoo on December 1, at Yash on August 21, at Thanks a lot for posting this. The blog is very usefuli learnt a lot on dp Reply. Loop through the cells in the table.


HiThanks Anish iam really struggling to learn QTP then i see ur site thanks to you for uploading gr8 information which is really helpful just now i wrote this code Anish: We can simple go for Descriptive Programming.

In the examples that follow, we will use web based objects. Hi Ankur… exacellent job… really greate article.

Wherevr the object type is known I have captured the text and created object at run time to operate on them. Vikas on December 20, at I have to go into the grid and should enter the values.

If you have the properties of the link, you can do it very easily. Ankur Jain on July 21, at QTP also provides another way to retrieve all the objects matching given properties.

This can be done using the GetCellData method. But how do you do that?

Descriptive Programming in QTP/UFT: Dynamic & Static

These are the two properties QTP using to identify and click on it. Your information about qtp is really interesting. Please give me progarmming code Thanks Reply. Let me share the descriptive utility scripts I had created to overcome the Descriptive Object verbosity issues.


If you wish to identify that as a regular expression using inline descriptive programming, it can be written as.

And this is tutoriall way, you write your Descriptive Programming Code. One of the very useful places where you can use Descriptive Programming is when the object properties in the Application Under Test AUT are dynamic in nature and need special handling to identify the object. The button is also identified by QTP.

You an mail me at anish automationrepository. Download the Free eBook!

Descriptive Programming in QTP with Syntax : Part 1 – XX

Set “” The test runs and passes but the value””doesn’t get entered. Because I checked the code and couldn’t find it there. New Features of UFT If we refer to them as a web element then we will have to distinguish between the 2 using the index property To determine which property and descrriptive pairs to use, you can use the Object Spy: Anonymous on October 7, at