The DS Serial Real Time Clock, which incorporates a 2-wire serial interface, can be controlled using an compatible microcontroller. The DS in. 7 Nov This post provides the code for interfacing DS RTC with microcontroller (e-g AT89C51 or AT89C52 etc). This DS RTC has i2c. 10 Aug Learn to design a Real Time Clock using micro controller and DS RTC program is written in Embedded C for Interfacing.

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Primarily, the data transfer sequence initiated by the master generating the start condition. A few kinds of RTC devices are. The address bit includes seven bits, that specify the slave devices as DS address. Here rtc ds1307 interfacing with 8051 defined port0 for data pins and P3. It is used to transmit and receive the data on serial interface.

RTC Interfacing with Microcontroller and Programming

It is a serial input and output pin. Free E-book on how to design your own microcontroller projects- Edgefx kits.

When 5V is applied within normal limits, the device is fully accessible and data can be written and read. This article can walk you through the steps concerned in interfacing RTC DS with a microcontroller.

Every slave device must consist of own address to represent on it. In addition to this, data frames also discussed which are used to transfer and receive the data with an appropriate program.

RTC DS1307 interfacing with 8051 in C using I2C…….

A battery backup will be provided in case of failure of main power supply by connecting a battery to RTC device. We should pass the actual time details as parameters. First, we will see the internals of DS and later how to read and write the date and time. Rtc ds1307 interfacing with 8051 master device interconnects with a particular dependent device by an address.

A few types of RTC devices are. The various kinds of RTC chips are available in the real time embedded world, which are classified based on various criteria such as package type, supply voltage and pin configuration etc. In this library, we included a few functions rtc ds1307 interfacing with 8051 initializing LCD, for sending commands and for sending data which is to be displayed.


Each of these chips can act as a receiver or transmitter, interfacong on the functionality. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. RTC Interfacing with Microcontroller.

So given below interfacimg the circuit diagram to connect Wtih module to The module communicates with the microcontroller using a serial communication protocol called I2C.

Mostly, rtc ds1307 interfacing with 8051 data transfer sequence introduced by the master to generate the start condition.

Battery power source must be held between 2V to 3. I2CSend is the function used for sending data and I2Cread is for reading registers. Lets get to the circuit diagram! The port which is to be connected to the data pins of the LCD and the pins which is to be rtc ds1307 interfacing with 8051 to the command pins can be configured in the library itself.

RTC registers are located in address locations from 00h to 0Fh and RAM memory registers are located in address locations from 08h to3Fh as shown in figure. I2C bus protocol allows rtc ds1307 interfacing with 8051 slave devices at a time. These pins are used to provide the power to the chip.

Add Comment Cancel reply Comment: VBT rtc ds1307 interfacing with 8051 a battery power supply pin. This bit, when set to logic 1, enables the oscillator output. You only need to make 2 connections between the RTC module and SCL is a serial clock pin and it ds130 used to synchronize data on serial interface. After completion of write operation in witb slave device, microcontroller sends stop condition to the slave device.

This article is meant to give a little insight regarding RTC DS real time clock interfacing with microcontroller. Have you ever wondered, how your phones and laptops keep intrrfacing of your time when the device is turned OFF.


There are different kinds of RTC module available in the market. When a 3V battery is connected to the device and VCC is below 1. DS interfaccing act as slave rtc ds1307 interfacing with 8051 the ds3107 network and controller can only access the slave by initiating a start condition along with a device address.

Have withh opinion, suggestionquestion or feedback about the article let it out here! And once again please visit our domestic website http: These wires are used to transfer data between devices which are connected to the bus. In additions to these steps, data frames used for transferring and receiving the data is also discussed in this article for user understanding with appropriate programming.

A Real Time Clock module is basically a time tracking device which gives the current iinterfacing and date. When write operation of the slave device is completed, then the microcontroller sends a stop condition to slave device. This article presents RTC interfacing with microcotrollerand basic accessing of rtc ds1307 interfacing with 8051 registers. Download the sample code and design files from this link. Now, let’s put together all that we have discussed in a simple example to read and show the time on character LCD.

He has 8 years of experience in Customer Support, Operations and Administration. The I2C bus physically consists of 2 active wires.

interfacing with RTC – Just Execute It

These registers are used to run calendar functionality and time of rtc ds1307 interfacing with 8051 day and displays the weekends. The frequency of the square-wave output depends on the value of the RS0 and RS1 bits. I need the complete code for interfacing the rtc ds with and display it on the lcd. Your email address will not be published.