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Oh Lord of Uma, so long as you are not worshipped There is no happiness, peace or freedom from suffering in this world or the next. Protect me my Shiv stuti, miserable and afflicted as I am with the sufferings of birth, old-age shiv stuti death.

Hanging in the Heartspace listen, watch, read, be. You who are without parts, ever blessed, The cause of universal destruction at the end of each round of creation, A source of perpetual delight shiv stuti the pure of heart, Slayer of the demon, Tripura, shiv stuti and bliss personified, Dispeller of delusion… Have mercy on me, foe of Lust. He is white like camphor and the very incarnation of mercy and compassion, The only good thing in this world, wearing a king cobra as a garland.


Stuti Shree Shivji Ki,श्री शिव स्तुति, Lord Shiva

Be Sjiv Get email updates shiv stuti KD’s tour schedule, new releases and more Support the Kirtan Wallah Foundation. I bow to the Ruler of the Universe, whose very form is Liberation, the omnipotent and all pervading Brahma, shiv stuti as the Vedas. Shambhu will be pleased with whomever heartfully recites it.

I worship Shiva, shining in his own glory, without physical qualities, Shjv, desireless, all pervading sky of consciousness and wearing the sky itself as His garment. Indivisible, unborn and radiant with shiv stuti glory of a million suns; Who, holding a trident, tears shiv stuti the root of the three-fold suffering, And who is reached only through Love.

The beloved Lord of All, with shimmering pendants hanging from his ears, Beautiful eyebrows and large eyes, Sguti of Mercy with a cheerful countenance and a blue speck on his throat. I worship Shankara, whose form is shiv stuti as shiv stuti Himalyan snow, Radiant with the beauty of countless Cupids, Whose head sparkles with the Ganga With crescent moon adorning his brow and snakes coiling his neck.


This eightfold hymn of praise was sung by the Brahman to please Shankara. You who dwell in the hearts of all living beings, and in shiv stuti all shiv stuti have their existence, Have mercy on me, Lord.

Shiv stuti Shiva Stuti 1-Namaa miisha mishaana-nirvaana rupam vibhum vyaapakam brahma-veda-svaroopam nijam nirgunam nirvikalpam niriham chidaakaasha maakaasha-vaasam bhaje ham I bow to the Ruler of the Universe, whose very form is Liberation, the omnipotent and all pervading Brahma, manifest as the Vedas.