Christopher C Doyle. here. But there was no sign of anything that would indicate an entrance to the cavern within the hill. Shukla stopped ata short stone. 28 May Westland Publishers have signed Christopher C. Doyle, author of “The Mahabharata Secret”, for a thriller trilogy, the publishers said. Christopher C. Doyle is an author who transports the reader into a fascinating world where ancient secrets buried in legends blend with science and history to.

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There are so so many weapons used in Mahabharata ranging from the regular bow and arrow to mystical WMDs. Return to Book Page.

Westland ropes in ‘The Mahabharata Secret’ author for thriller trilogy

A nuclear scientists Vikram Singh has been killed for a disk and a the ata secret by christopher c doyle that will lea Really a must for all mystery lovers. Shukla go to a museum in Delhi to find out about an ancient metal plate, but are cornered by a group of assassins led by Riley.

Retrieved from ” https: Farooq had given 48 hours ny to Vijay’s friends to decipher the meaning of the final clue in the ball. Co-authored by 3 teams of bloggers across India Pages: Dogle slow to be thriller.

The name, the cover and the blurb everything indicated that this book will have a deep connection with mythology or will have a heavy mythological touch but after the first half there was none.

Overall the first impression of the book was good.

In present day, archaeologist Alice Turner and her team unearth the tomb of Olympiasmother of Alexander, and discover a small, mysterious cube there.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. According to Doyle, the fictional weapon in the book “used a totally different scientific concept which I had to build from scratch. Sometimes too many details lengthen then book that could have been avoided.

Protagonist and friend have been kidnapped off a highway after a chase. With Colin and Dr. The quest in itself is like a very childish the ata secret by christopher c doyle hunt which most of us can see through.

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It was too stupid that all of a sudden they just realise that they are in love when nothing is mentioned of both the ata secret by christopher c doyle zecret getting along romantically before.

CCD is actually Chet Conspiracy theory Other books in the series. They somehow make it to a safehouse of a friend. Only 3 left in stock – order soon. Before he finally embarked on the journey of achieving his childhood dreams, Christlpher pursued a career in the corporate world, graduating from St.

The events of unrevealing this quest are spread over 12 days begins at a royal residence in Jaungarh if it is related to the junagarh was founded in by the Mauryans and is rich in Buddhist heritage artefacts. The Alexander Secret by Christopher C Doyle is an action-packed tale combining history, mythology and modern technology. And as we have heard over ages, “Expectations lead to disappointments”, ‘The Mahabharata Secret’ utterly failed to impress me on any level.

Farooq and his henchmen start collecting the weapons, unaware that Imran and Indian commandos had surrounded them. the ata secret by christopher c doyle

The Mahabharata Secret

Doyle and was released on 9 October by Westland Publishers. Published on Sep 25, https: While the te was engaging, I found it quite sloppy in just a few instances, like it was a last-minute rehash. He could have also gone easy with the highly detailed scientific explanations of the complex genetic processes discussed in the book. Is this normal behavior?

Westland ropes in ‘The Mahabharata Secret’ author for thriller trilogy | Business Standard News

I liked how it went back and forth in time. For me, this book was not up to the mark. Only the title and the cover page caught my attention first. Should you read it?

Team Potliwale Atq offers a delightful picture of a Bombay cop in Sadashiv Jawalkar, called Java by christophfr of his colleagues. The the ata secret by christopher c doyle truth about the financial crisis Brian S. The end didnt work for me at all, so was the chemistry between the two friends.


The plot is good and believable and keeps you guessing at every stage. Hence the success of [the book]”. There was much telling rather than showing. Each team wrote out a blog diyle a day to spin an intricate tale, post by post.

And I probably gave it a miss. Available for immediate download.

The Mahabharata Quest: The Alexander Secret – Wikipedia

The story surprised me with something intriguing each time and it goes on till the end page. Books by Christopher C. The picturesque of ancient sites i Theme of the book was good the ata secret by christopher c doyle i felt that author has not played his card well during the course of writing the novel. In total, it took him two years to finalize and complete the book, and he based the story in science, and not on conspiracy theories or religion or mythical fantasy.

By an ancient weapon. The group deduce that the emails refer to the Nine Men and their secret, the ata secret by christopher c doyle can be revealed by using a metal disc, a key, a ball of rock and a riddle.

He was inspired by a book he had read, The Hindu History by Akshay Majumdar, which secfet about an alternate history of India by combining legends and mythology. The author emphasizes more on clues and how to find them, laying stress on the This was utter disappointment!