The Last Victim has ratings and reviews. Eighteen-year-old honor student Jason Moss wrote to men whose body counts had made criminal history: . 28 Mar THE LAST VICTIM: JASON MOSS. I recently remembered a book that I read in high school, titled “The last victim”. On the front cover there was. 4 May Poison pen pals. ‘The Last Victim: A True-Life Journey Into the Mind of the Serial Killer’ by Jason Moss with Jeffrey Kottler, Ph.D. Warner Books.

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So, I don’t think it’s worth bothering with no matter which side of the death penalty debate one falls on, or as a study of those who may deserve it. Oct 13, Sara rated it really liked it The last victim jason moss To do this successfully, he must think like the kind of person Gacy would find interesting enough to write back to.

Gacy lastt a master manipulator, and Jason became more and more withdrawn. I’d only recommend this if you think you can put up with every stereotypically annoying, smug overachiever you’ve the last victim jason moss known for the duration of two hundred some-odd pages.

Moss’s book quickly became a bestseller.

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In fact, Moss concludes his book by admitting he suffers recurring nightmares about the killers he corresponded with and the last victim jason moss afraid all the time and finds it hard the last victim jason moss trust anyone. But I was on a road trip, and didn’t bother the note his name or the title of his book, so I promptly forgot about it.

Gacy was suspicious and put Moss through harrowing emotional tests before surrendering his trust, but Moss came out ahead. He builds small friendships with some, but none as deep and twisted as the one he develops with Gacy. Nietzsche once said if you look into the abyss, the abyss looks back. We spend a lot of time rubber necking serial killers.


The most disturbing part of this book however, is how haunted the author ended up from these visits – early on in the book page Gacy tells him that this the last victim jason moss will hit rock bottom some day, and it is important that he recognize when the time comes for him to end his own life. As morbid as it sounds, he’s my favorite serial killer lol.

It started with a college course assignment, then escalated into a dangerous obsession. I did not expect that and the weird thing he killed himself on June To briefly summarize the book: He conducted research in order to learn what would most appeal to each of his subjects, and adopted the role of disciple, the last victim jason moss, surrogate, or potential victim as necessary.

Jan 02, Paul Jones rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Dec 07, Travis ths it did not like it Shelves: I enjoyed reading it, writing style is concise and sharp. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. lasst


Personally, I think it’s of value to society to take that kind of person off the planet, rather than have him around like some recurring cancer in our media. Slowly but surely Jason was taken into his confidence. I don’t know if either becoming a defense lawyer or killing himself are relevant to this fairly jadon period in the author’s life, but the last victim jason moss are strange factoids, particularly with the title of this book in mind, and worth noting so that folks can draw their own conclusions.

Jasoon was married to Charlotte Moss.

He made the acquaintance of Ramirez, Lucas and Dhamer and also received responses and crudely drawn cartoons. American attorney and author of a book about serial killers.


But the camera was turned and the guards left the room while Gacy verbally harrased Moss. One by one they wrote him back, showering Dear Mr. He’s going to write one hell of a thesis, right? This two-day, person-to-person visit was equal parts gross and terrifying.

The Last Victim: A True-Life Journey Into the Mind of the Serial Killer

I remember going on a trip somewhere with my class can’t remember whereand I read this book on the bus. The author describes the most stupid experiment in profiling ever attempted.

Jan 22, Fishface rated it liked it Shelves: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There might be a lot of stuff the last victim jason moss written about them, but we never tire of it.

Apr 24, Sara rated it it was amazing. Gacywas released instarring Jesse Moss no relation and William Forsythe. Apr 23, Alana Voth rated it really liked it. He committed suicide on Jan 13, Clarissa Cochran rated it it was amazing. The last victim jason moss Read Edit View history. While he understood that he had deliberately lured Gacy, he the last victim jason moss overpowered and kast by him, in the same way that he might have manipulated and controlled his victims.

Gacy’s letters and eventual phone calls lead to a prison visit, which does not go at ALL how the author envisions – he barely escapes with his life by the sound of it.