Preview Toshiba Telephone DKTSD – Digital Phone – Charcoal User’s Manual Online and Download PDF Manuals & Instructions for FREE from. Download Toshiba DKTSD – Digital Phone – Charcoal User’s Manual to your computer. Download free PDF user manuals for Toshiba DKTSD. 1 Feb No part of this manual, covered by the copyrights Strata is a registered trademark of Toshiba Corporation. .. DKTSD Telephone. Msg.

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Night Transfer Button Table of contents Limited Warranty The destination telephone must be programmed to accept an OCA. When the call is terminated and another is attempted from the same station, the original COS is applied.

Toshiba DKTSD – Digital Phone – Charcoal Manuals

This feature may not be on some telephones on your system. From the Options screen, select Calendar. From the Options screen, press the Weather soft key to check the weather of a location. Liquid Crystal Display The messages can be up to 16 characters toshiba dkt3220 sd manual. It describes the various models for the following two types of units. During this time, other conference members remain connected. Tab to the Web display shown right toshiba dkt3220 sd manual.

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Emergency Monitoring Station Button Labels All Flexible Buttons must be programmed for your telephone in system programming and vary for individual telephones.

When a door phone calls, you hear a distinctive ringing tone, one or five times set in system programming. Transferring To An Idle Station The following screens display when you switch toshiba dkt3220 sd manual one tab to the other or perform different functions.


Advanced Operation Call Recording Record 3. Call Transfer With Camp-on The destination telephone must be programmed to accept an OCA. The LED turns off and the recording stops. Centrex Feature Buttons Voice Mail Soft Keys Click the icon wrench.

Call Pickup for calls on Hold 5 71 Local Pickup call held on this phone. Click the icon wrench. Making a Call To make a call Speaker Flexible Directory Toshiba dkt3220 sd manual Manuzl A Directory Press Properties soft key.

The main difference is that you use a mouse or stylus to select buttons.

Button Labels Toxhiba Ringing Toshiba dkt3220 sd manual 16 Feature Button Definitions continued Button Definitions Privacy Release — Press to release privacy on common outside toshiba dkt3220 sd manual buttons, enabling Privacy other station users to enter your conversations on those buttons. Class Of Service Override Advanced Operation Emergency Ringdown Emergency Ringdown If a station remains off-hook for a programmable period, it can be automatically treated as an Emergency Call and directed to an emergency destination.

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A DDSS example is shown right. Prompts guide you through specific tasks. Page 2 Solutions Division, also reserves the right, without prior of this material.

To view details pertaining to an item, press the soft key next to the news item. Solutions Division, also reserves the right, without prior of this material. Using these soft keys, you can tab left to right from Phone, Config and Toshibw toshiba dkt3220 sd manual vice versa. Setting Dnd For Another Extension Notes The following notes apply to telephone systems that are networked.

The application of Privacy dd individual telephones is controlled in system programming. Call Forward Examples Toshiba dkt3220 sd manual The Directory To Call Your LCD shows the line on hold.

Call Forward Settings Notice the number 1 preceeding extension 1: Press the soft key next to the location.

You can continue to make calls while in the DND mode. Answer the line when your telephone is ringing.